Adventurers and nature lovers will appreciate the natural beauty of the Kenong Forest Eco Park


Kenong Rimba by venturing along the jungle trails and exploring some of the caves. This park is situated in the Kuala Lipis District and encompasses 120 km2 of unspoilt tropical forest which has existed for 100 million years. Spanning across the Kenong Valley and Sungai Kenong ,the parks eastern and northern boundaries are touching the Taman Negara. You can undertake a lot of adventurous activities in the Kenong Forest Eco Park such as jungle trekking, outdoor camping ,cave-exploring, swimming in placid rivers or climbing.

Although accessible and open to public ,most of the park remains still unexplored. Here you find peaceful and unspoilt wilderness ,cascading waterfalls, clear streams, fascinating caves,and a great variety of flora and fauna. The tranquillity and quiet solitude is only broken by the chirping of the birds and the overwhelming sounds of insects.


Within the shade of the cool green forest, the park has some interesting plant life to offer: beautiful varieties of wild orchids clinging on to the bigger trees, Tualang (Koompasia excels) the tallest tree in the tropical rain forest that rises up to 70 meter high and can be 2000 years old and the gigantic strangling fig tree.


The diverse flora attracts a variety of birds such as the dove, red eye thrush and the magpie prized by bird lovers for their singing ability. Mammals such as the prickly porcupine, mouse-deer, Malayan tapir and possibly elephants may be found within the park. Now,do you want to experience and no modern facilities? The come here to find out in the Kenong Forest Eco Park.



At the confluence of the Lipis and Jelai River, Kuala Lipis is a small, picturesque town that has some marvellous colonial architecture dating from the period when Kuala Lipis was the capital of Pahang (1898-1955).During those days Kuala Lipis was an important trading place for timber and the centre of gold and tin mining. Today it is a sleepy and pleasant town with fine rows of shophouses down Jalan Besar (main street). Kuala Lipis is the major launching pad for visits to Kenong Rimba State Park.



Ask yourself what you want, is it trekking ,caving, animal-watching or night-walk, swimming in cool jungle pools, bamboo-rafting or kayak-expeditions? But be aware you can’t do everything in one or two days. Think about how many days you want to spend in the jungle and then we figure out how much we can do. Just tell me what you want. We will do our best to make your jungle dreams come true.


Kenong Forest Eco Park (Mix 4 Pax)

    • He was born in a local village around Kuala Lipis and experienced jungle since he was a kid. 
    • He has been a jungle tour guide for more than 20 years.
    • He has in-depth experiences in bamboo rafting and kayak expeditions on the Jelai and Pahang Rivers.
    • He is an active member of the Pahang Adventurers Association.
    • He have attended courses on outdoor sports unter the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia.
    • He is a qualified instructor for outdoor sports and a fully licensed guide under T.D.C. Malaysia.